East Brunswick Warehouse Conversion

Venue Revealed: East Brunswick Pop-Up Gallery

Now that the Melbourne Fringe guides are out, so is our little secret: the venue that will house our debauchery for two weeks.

We’ve been working hard on prepping the exhibition space – a warehouse, converted specifically for FECK:ART. It will function as a pop-up gallery just for the purpose of our little ol’ erotic art exhibition.

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Porn Failure

How Has Porn Failed, Exactly?

You may have mulled over what exactly we mean with our theme: “Can art succeed where porn fails – to actually turn us on?”

Who are we to say that porn has failed anyway? We make the stuff technically, though we prefer the term ‘socially responsible erotica.’ And, it’s true, it certainly depends how you look at it; porn has been succeeding in getting many, many people off for a long time.

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Erotic Music Videos

Music Videos that Turn Us On

Yeah it’s not fine art, but sometimes pop culture is as good a source of inspiration. Don’t you love when you find a music video that, ah, touches you in ways you didn’t expect? From the subtly erotic to the outright risqué, the music world is never afraid to insert a pinch of sex into what they’re selling.

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Paul Yore Art Censorship

Paul Yore & Artistic Freedom (Or The Lack Of It)

Okay, so today I went trawling the internet for a picture of a young Justin Bieber, holding a fake cock and pissing into a sink, while pearly white tears pour from his smiling eyes. You’d think this kind of image would be difficult to find, but you would be wrong. An artist named Paul Yore has created it, and a bunch of uptight, sexually confused Australians have made it famous.

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