• Exhibition Sep 19 - Oct 3

    Erotic Art

    Congratulations to winning entries of the FECK:ART Erotic Art Competition!

    First Prize ~ Chloe Tizzard, 'The Space Between Us'
    Runner Up ~ Madeleine Dore, 'Sex Habits of Strangers'
    Erotic Self Portrait ~ Jade Gunn, 'BelleJarr'

    Virtual Gallery Tour Opening Night Party
    Feck:Art<br>Erotic Art<br>Competition

FECK:ART erotic art competition

$5000 prize pool

FECK:ART erotic art competition encourages artists of all mediums to unleash their inner degenerate by submitting artwork that Turns Us On. From the scandalous to the sublime, the ethereal to the explicit, FECK:ART will showcase the diversity and nuance of eroticism. FECK:ART promotes uninhibited artistic expression and cultivates sex-positivity in art.

Join us in making the obscene beautiful and the beautiful obscene.

First prize: $3000

Runner Up: $1000

Erotic self portrait prize: $1000

Submissions close September 4

Prizes are acquisitional

Exhibition Sept 19 – Oct 3.
A Melbourne Fringe Festival Event