Artist Registration 2015

Hi there! We are so glad that you plan to enter the FECK:ART competition.

We invite you to submit erotic artwork that does its best to TURN US ON!
In 2015, we at FECK:ART want to push things further, exhibit art that is really provocative and live up to our tag line: a beautiful orgy of mixed media filth.

If you aren’t quite sure what you are registering for, head over here for the competition run down.

Fill out this form and we will send you instructions on how to submit your work.
By registering you’ll also receive emails from us in the competition lead-up with encouragement, inspiration, and deadline reminders.

So if you are pretty sure that you get the gist of the theme, please go ahead and register.

Note: Artists must be 18+

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I believe I can make art that is a turn on