Dosh Luckwell Sex Wall

Sex Wall by Dosh Luckwell

Did you notice what was going on in the corner of the back room at the FECK:ART opening night? No, not the nekkid antics behind the black curtain – but something equally sexy, nonetheless.

Dosh Luckwell Live Art
A blank white wall was slowly covered with the salacious words of sex poet and theatre maker, Dosh Luckwell. If you lingered long enough to read, he may have even asked you for some inspiration, weaving your desires into his improvised frank filth.



Here’s his artist statement:

The Sex Wall is an experiment in improvised writing. This particular 
Sex Wall 
was created on the opening night of this exhibition. To generate the writing Luckwell asked event attendees to summarise their last sexual experience into five words. The words where then used an inspiration for a short sex poem that was written directly onto the wall before them. Sex Walls are an extension of a sister live art work by Luckwell titled the Sex Poetry Booth. Beyond poetry, Luckwell is a provactive performer and theatre maker. For more information on his somewhat sex centred arts practice visit Horny Pony Productions.

Dosh Luckwell Sex WallWe were so happy to have the Sex Wall as part of the FECK:ART opening as a reminder of that art can turn us on in ways that porn neglects. Words! Remember words? How sexy are they!

Now that the exhibition is over, the Sex Wall will eventually be painted over. But here are some photographs and excerpts to digitally immortalise the hotness that was.


Sexy beats from the stereo conduct my thrust.

Cream leaks into speakers as we come.

Curl up. A little scoop of love.

In the morning, I adorn you with my lips.

You drive your cock into my kiss and whisper…

“Honey, let’s just fuck away the winter.”




Sex Wall Live ArtLive Sex Poetry
















“Lick my asshole, bitch.

that’s it, I wanna feel your teeth.”

– She spreads my cheeks.

Sniffs, licks.


she’s got good taste…

I arch my plate,

She nuzzles in, hungry puppy

dinner brewing, salacious

skin quivering, I’m shitting myself with expectations




Anticipation, a moment of

silence as though we are

paying respect to the

majesty of sex




Totally Wild

like Ranger Stacy

strip me, animal embrace me

mid 40, buxom

treat me as a son

but I’m more naughty…

You floor me, on all fours

you pin me. Spit on my

face, I respect the taste

of maturity.

Bad boys learn more about the world.

You mother me with an open hand.

One slap at a time makes me a better man.


Sex Wall Feck Art

Dosh has previously won the Best Live Art award at the 2012 Melbourne Fringe for the interactive installation, “Sex Poetry Booth”.

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