Our cry this year is “MELBOURNE ARTISTS TURN US ON”.  That’s what we think, anyway – now prove it – and don’t hold back.  2015 is not the year for subtle flirtations with our erotic sensibilities; we’re not looking for a bit of hot breath on the neck here, we want you to take us all the way.  Soak our knickers and bulge our jeans, jelly our knees and mush our brains.  Don’t linger on entendre or indulge us in foreplay – just get right down to business, and don’t be afraid to go a little bit too far.


We’re asking you to explore the intersection between art and pornography.  That place where you can be unashamedly titillating, while beauty is your muse.  As the artist you have license to interpret and explore this theme, and choose your medium; but come September 18th it won’t be an abstract representation or bawdy humour that wins the prizes, it’ll be some really beautiful filth that gets us between the ears as well as between the thighs.


Can art succeed where porn fails – to actually turn us on?


Historically, porn has been a dishonorable profession.  The shame in consuming porn means even deeper shame in producing it. Digital technology and the internet has led to the proliferation of porn to the extent we are now surrounded by it; we can barely avoid it and if we don’t use it, even sometimes, it’s probably because it’s just so badly made.  It doesn’t even meet its objective.  But what if it was actually made – the way art is made?  What sort of porn would artists make, for a culturally sophisticated audience?  That’s what you’re going to show us.


We’ll be selecting about 50 works to show at FECK:ART 2015.  From these will be selected, by consensus of a panel of judges, a winner; a runner-up; and a special prize for self portrait.  Choose your medium – we can show 2D or 3D art, within size constraints, and video; and performance, if we can accommodate it logistically.


We place no limits on what themes you explore nor the depths to which you explore them, however since the subject in your work is necessarily sexualised, they must be 18 or over.


This time around we at FECK:ART want to push things further, exhibit art that is really provocative, and live up to our tag line: a beautiful orgy of mixed media filth. Please be aware of this in the creation of your entry.


Submit your beautiful obscenity